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Wentz or Goff?

By all accounts, It’s Wentz over Goff.

The Los Angeles Rams are on the clock with one of the biggest decisions facing an NFL team. With the No.1 overall pick in the 2016 draft, will it be QB Carson Wentz or Jared Goff? The Rams gave up six draft picks to move up 14 spots on the draft board for the right to earn the number one pick. Get it right, and the Rams will become one of the hottest tickets in the NFL. Get it wrong, and heads will roll.

There are some who believe QB Jared Goff is a better fit in L.A. because of his California roots, his blonde locks and his 6'4", 215 pound frame. Goff has good, functional arm strength with excellent mechanics. He completed a remarkable 43.8% of his deep balls down field. However he took an alarming 99.8% of his passes in 2015 from the pistol or shotgun formation. Goff will have to retrain his footwork to perform under center, which is critical to the success for any NFL quarterback. Goff's hand size was measured at 9", which is smaller than the expected 10" required by most NFL coaches. Goff not only took 81 sacks during his three years as Cal’s starting quarterback, but he also suffered 24 fumbles during the same time span. For me, I always ask the question, does the quarterback know how to win games? Is he accustomed to finishing off game-winning drives by getting his team in the End Zone at critical moments? Well, Goff won a total of 14 games as a three-year starter. In 37 career starts, he finished with a record of 14-23.

I don’t care about how you win, or where you win. Just win, is what Carson Wentz did at

Division II North Dakota State. A much bigger 6'5", 233 pound Wentz, helped the school to win its fifth consecutive FCS Championship during his two seasons as their starting quarterback, winning 20 of his 23 career starts. As an Academic All-American, Wentz operated under center in a more advanced system while displaying great athleticism in a read-option package. Wentz also has the required 10" hands needed to tightly spin the ball through bad weather. By all measurements including the eyeball test, if planted in the right garden, Wentz appears to be a fruitful bet to become the first QB taken in the 2016 draft.

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